We offer the most advanced laser tattoo removal in Adelaide! Our Fotona QX Max is one of the most reputable laser tattoo removal machines in the world; this is backed up by countless scientific reports from laser experts, and we suggest that all clients do their research on lasers before commencing treatment. There are many cheap laser machines out there that cause irreversible harm to the skin, so you need to know what is being used on your tattoo.

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Our Highly Accredited
Laser Technicians

Meet the team

All of our staff members have completed not only a Laser Tattoo Removal course, but also a Laser Safety Course. We practice the highest standard of laser tattoo removal as per the Australian/New Zealand Standard and are in line with the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

Jeremy Deboer

Jeremy has been in the tattoo industry since 2011 and is very passionate about giving people the best possible outcome with their tattoos. While you may not often see him working the laser, he is busy next door at Ink Wizards where you can book in with him for your cover-up or next big piece!

Hilary Partington

Hilary has a vast amount of experience in business management and, together with Jeremy, decided to bring that knowledge into the laser tattoo removal industry. She is passionate about delivering the highest caliber of service, and strives to make all clients feel as comfortable and as well looked after as she can.

Melanie Retallack

Mel has a world of knowledge in the beauty industry, and has brought her exceptional professionalism and care to our clinic. She’s a perfectionist and is always looking to advance her skills, but on weekends can be found snuggling her beautiful pup and enjoying a shandy!

Emma Anderson

Emma has years of experience in customer service, and we’re so proud to have her as a part of our team. With precision to detail and a great deal of knowledge on all things tattoos, you’re in incredibly safe hands. Emma loves to hear the story behind the tattoos - the weirder the better! If you’re booked in with Emma prepare yourself for a fun session.

Our Clinic

When you visit Second Chance Tattoo Removal you may notice it’s a bit different to the standard “cold” and “clinical” environment you’ve visited before; our studio is more of a boutique-style clinic where we express our love for tattoo art and eclectic décor. We strive to inspire our clients to get the highest caliber tattoos for their cover-ups, and we hope that the artwork we display in our shop does exactly that! We are lucky enough to be located right next door to Adelaide’s oldest established tattoo studio, Ink Wizards. The artists next door specialize in a variety of styles, and can’t wait for your old tattoos to be removed so they can give you an incredible new one!

No obligation consultations

At the time of booking, please note that all clients will receive a no obligation consultation prior to your first treatment. In this time we will cover absolutely all there is to know about the laser treatment and answer any and all questions you may have. At this time we will assess your skin type and tattoo, and depending on each individual we may suggest doing a free spot-treatment prior to your first full laser session.

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