Why should I consider tattoo removal?

Perhaps you got a tattoo years ago that just doesn’t have meaning anymore, or you simply want to make space for something new, laser tattoo removal is the safest and most efficient solution for your skin. We can remove tattoos entirely or fade them to get a cover-up; at your consultation we will ask questions based around your expected outcome so that we can deliver the best results for you!

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Please see our page outlining the price-guide for tattoo removal of all sizes, as well as the package deals we have to offer! It’s also worth keeping an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages as we often have discounts promoted there. Please note that we cannot give the exact final price until we have held aconsultation and seen your tattoo in person.

How many sessions will I need to completely remove my tattoo?

This will vary depending on a lot of different factors, but generally a tattoo can be completely removed within 4 – 12 sessions, but can on occasion take more…and on rarer occasions can take less!

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Much like getting the tattoo would have hurt, getting it removed also hurts! From personal experience we can tell you that the pain is definitely tolerable; we have a wonderful Zimmer machine that blows out cold air and makes the treatment alot more comfortable, and we also can recommend numbing creams prior to your appointment to make you even more comfortable.

How long does the treatment take?

As the laser can fire up to 10 shots per second, your treatment will be over and done within a matter of seconds! Larger scale tattoos will of course take longer, but you expect to be on our treatment bed for only a few minutes. Once the session is finished, we’ll apply aftercare cream, dress your tattoo with a waterproof dressing and you’ll be on your way… after some more aftercare reminders!

What should I expect after my first laser treatment?

You may experience some mild discomfort from bruising, swelling, blistering or scabbing. These are all completely normal after effects from receiving laser treatment! You will be able to take your waterproof dressing off after 3 days ofkeeping the area covered, and you should expect to see your tattoo almost just asyou remembered it, fading doesn’t happen straight away!

Are all coloured inks as easy to remove as others?

No, all colours are affected differently. As we target different coloured inks with laser wavelengths specific to that colour, you can expect an even fading across your tattoo. Colours like yellow, sky blue and green are the trickiest to remove,but can be faded incredibly well and often entirely removed with our additional hand pieces.

Why do I need to wait 6+ weeks before my next appointment?

We will always book clients in for repeat sessions at a minimum of 6 weeks after the last appointment, and this is because in those 6 weeks your body is hard at work removing the ink pigment from your skin! While it may seem as though not much is happening, especially after the first or second treatment, a lot of the process of tattoo removal happens below the surface of the skin. It does notspeed up the process of removing your tattoo by having treatment sooner thanthe recommended time.

What laser do you use?

The laser we use is called the Fotona QX Max, it is by far the most advanced laser in Adelaide and on the market. Our machine uses two different wavelengths to target different colours of ink, and we have additional hand pieces that further target the tricky to remove pigments, such as green and light blue inks!

Do you offer a payment plan?

We have the option to Afterpay your treatments! This means that you can split the total cost of your treatment into 4 separate payments. Please note that you will need to activate an Afterpay account prior to your appointment.