Tattoo Removal


XS Tattoo

S Tattoo

M Tattoo

L Tattoo

XL Tattoo

$80 - $100

$120 - $150

$180 - $220

$250 - $350


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Standard Price

5% Discount

10% Discount

*All prices are to be used as a guide only. Once you have had your consultation, your laser technician will advise you of the cost per treatment, and let you know of any discounts that are available.


We provide the absolute best aftercare for our clients; we use a breakthrough treatment for post procedure care, which is a product called Stratamed. It is an advanced self-drying gel dressing that seals the treated area whilst helping to speed up the healing process. After your laser treatment, we apply a layer of Stratamed and then apply gauze and a waterproof covering so you can keep the area dry and out of the sun for three days post procedure.

Numbing Cream

Numbing Cream is a worthy purchase for those who may not have a high pain threshold, or for those who have a large area they are getting lasered. How it works: Always apply the numbing cream according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer! Generally, you need to apply it roughly 1 hour prior to your treatment, and you will need to glad wrap the area in order for the numbing cream to work correctly. At this stage we do NOT sell numbing cream from our clinic, but we do have some fantastic recommendations for those who want a little extra help in the pain department. Our favourite numbing cream to use is Dr. Numb, and we will be selling this from our clinic very soon.

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